An Exciting Vortex Spitfire 3x Review

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Why Would You Trust A Vortex?

There are many reasons to like a Vortex and you will soon fall in love with them. It is said that everyone loves a Vortex and it is very true to some extent. This is because anyone can use a Vortex without much of a difficulty.

The truth is they may have started late in the game, but they have won over hearts. They are emerging as a major player because of their popularity and quality. They have lived up to expectation till now and that is what we are about to discuss in this Vortex Spitfire 3x Review today.

What Kind Of Vortex Spitfire 3x Review Is This?

An honest one, as we have used it and know how to get things done with this. The Vortex Spitfire 3x is a wonder product. You can use for hunting as well as shooting practice. You could be big or of average height, you will always feel this riflescope to be a good partner while taking a shot.

A Vortex is a decent option that combines magnified and red dot scope. It uses batteries and that is why it provides you with brighter light. This boosts your game and it is attributes like these that have made the Vortex a sweetheart in the outdoor industry at present.

Can You Lay Down Some Features Of The Vortex Spitfire 3x?

The Vortex Spitfire 3x is resilient riflescope that you will ever come across in this price range. We are not saying it is a low priced option for you, but we mean is that the features it comes with are the finest. 

Here are pros that go into favor:

  • Design – The single piece build makes it durable and it has been engineered in way that it can withstand a lot. This is why it has been found to be doing pretty well with heavy recoil rifles too. It has been made from hard anodized aluminum alloy. The matte body is a perfect finish, as it does not shine that can have a blinding effect on you from reflection. This also means you remain hidden while hunting. Sounds good?
  • Filling – The Vortex Spitfire 3x can totally take on the climate. This is the reason Vortex has filled the O rings with nitrogen. This keeps the lens safe and you may utilize it during low light or harsh climatic conditions, the scope will not let you down for sure. This renders it fog proof, waterproof, and truly, weather proof.
  • Reticle – This scope makes use of something special called the EBR-556B reticle or Enhanced Battle Reticle. It can be used for 0 to 500 yards and what makes it even more exclusive is etching on the prism. This helps you to aim consistently with green and red illumination. It also comes with 5 levels of intensity that you can adjust according to your requirements.
  • Illumination – This brings us to discuss the illumination control that is a unique feature of this scope. You can use this to change the intensity of your shooting range. The green and red lights (numbers) aid you with the rest. 
  • Parallax - This is riflescope has 100 yards parallax and the EBR-556B reticle assists you while on the move. In case, you like hunting this is going to be an ideal accomplice for you. The multi-covered lens draw out the genuine impact in it.


Much like any other product, this one is not free of a few flaws, which are not that big a deal. They are like:

  • Eye relief distance is not that great
  • Has fixed magnification
  • Bit on the expensive side

Who Is It For?

There is a huge list so as to who is it for. It could be used by the LEO community for the fixed magnification capacity. Then target practice in the fast CBQ for medium range is another use. 

Don’t forget the home defender, landowners and farmers that may need to scare away coyotes and other such predators. Feral hog and vermin, for example, prairie dog hunters will find this to be a cool device to use too. This means anyone that needs a target rich scope can go for the Vortex Spitfire 3x.

What Is The Battery For? 

The battery only adds to the experience of the Vortex Spitfire 3x. It can last up 3,000 hours of on a dim setting. It also has a life span up to 250 hours. Although, this is not recommended, yet you can use it under poor lighting. This will certainly bring out a clear image even in low visible conditions.

How To Mount It? 

It has a multi height system that help you to mount it on 40 mm or 30 mm rifles without much of a problem. The scope can be mounted on Picatinny rails that allows the Vortex Spitfire 3x to be fine-tuned with a supplementary reflex sight.

What Is This VIP Warranty? 

The Very Important Promise that makes Vortex special of all things considered. This is a limitless lifetime warranty that you may have contemplated. Regardless, with Vortex you discover the chance to encounter it. 

You can get your scope fixed or replaced, whenever there is a need. You don't have to keep the bills and evidence of your buy. It is transferrable to the present proprietor and this absolutely is an incredible facility that you get with Vortex.

What Is Our Verdict?

Look you can use for hunting and tactical shooting. Choice is yours, but what we need to add here is that it is a premium quality scope. The technology it uses makes each hit precise and lethal. This is a dangerous combination and this will surprise you at every level. 

We have to remind you of the unconditional warranty by Vortex. This makes it a safe buy and we had to mention in this Vortex Spitfire 3x Review too. This certainly comes with one the best optical properties you can lay your hands on.

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