What You Should Have Known About The Best AR 15 Takedown Case

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It is no secret that the AR-15 happens to be a very promising rifle. To get the best out of this you need suitable accessories. The rifle is widely available, accurate, and compact. This rifle works very well with a whole bunch of accessories, which is the coolest feature about this rifle.

This rifle can be dismantled into two pieces by pushing two pins. This feature makes the rifle very easy to carry around. This is when you should think about procuring the Best AR 15 Takedown Case. Good cases are made from strong materials so you can expect them to hold up well even after years of use. These cases are available in various sizes and styles so consumers will have quite a bit of variety to choose from.

The good part about acquiring such a case is that you do not have to let the whole world know that you are carrying a weapon.

Reasons You Need The Best AR 15 Takedown Case

As mentioned earlier, the AR 15 is a promising rifle and you can expect the best performance out of this firearm when it is maintained in a proper condition. This is why you should think about investing in a takedown case. Want to know more? Have a read and educate yourself.


It provides a lot of security to the weapon keeping it   safe when you are traveling with it. Some of them even have extra pockets so that you may carry the necessary accessories.


Premium brands offer completely waterproof bags and this certainly a strong reason to acquire this product. So, even during heavy rains you can expect your firearm to stay dry.


Also, your bags meant for the AR 15 are very lightweight so you will not have a problem carrying them around. Most of the bags are constructed from very sturdy nylon so they will not fall apart prematurely.

The 4 Best Takedown Cases For The AR-15

Here are reviews of the four hottest brands in the market that offer nothing but the best. Take a look and make your choice.

Are you on the lookout for a carry case that has good quality and features too? Well, this one will certainly win you over. To begin with, this case has two spacious compartments to store the different components of the rifle. This case also has two separate slots to carry additional ammunition.

Are you worried about the quality? The good news is that it is constructed from good quality ballistic Nylon. It measures 2”x 9” x 29 on the inside and 2” x 9 “x 27.5 on the outside, so you see that this is very compact indeed. So, if you are looking for something reliable then this is what you should acquire. Do not give this product a miss under any circumstances


  • The inner lining has brushed Tricot and is resistant to scratches
  • This carry case is perfect for firearms that measure till 27 inches
  • The outer shell is made from durable nylon and it is highly water-resistant
  • This has a padded divider that allows the users to store the components of the rifle separately
  • Has quality, as it is made from high-grade materials
  • Made from ballistic Nylon


  • The pockets need a flap or a coverage, although if you are interested to keep the gun, then it is not an issue

This is one gun bag that you are certainly going to love. This is very spacious on the inside as it is divided into two separate compartments. This feature is very helpful when you want to store the different parts of the gun along with other accessories. The compartments are padded sufficiently to add extra protection to the firearm.

The bag is made from very good quality nylon and it comes with sturdy zippers. The extra padding on this bag makes sure that your firearm stays protected even when it is being carried around. In terms of quality, you do not need to worry as it will last for a very long time. If you are looking for a reliable product without having to spend a bomb then this is it. This bag measures 4” x 8.5” x 26 “, which is reasonably compact, what more could you ask for.


  • This bag is designed to accommodate AK-47, AK, and AR pistols
  • The bag features a concealed shoulder strap
  • This features exterior compartments wit reliable zippers for carrying extra magazines and accessories
  • Four strong straps hold the weapon in place
  • The main compartment is padded and can be locked


  • A few padded pockets on the inside would have been better

The AR-15 is one firearm that deserves the perfect carry case, and this model is certainly the right one. If you prefer using products that have useful features along with good quality, this will be your new best friend for sure. The bag is very compact and it measures 2” x 9” x 29” on the inside and 2” X 9” X 27.5” on the outside, so you see that it is very compact. This means it is perfect for being carried around.

This bag is available in Black and Navy Blue. The good thing is that even Bullpup owners can use this without any hesitation. This has padded dividers that provide the best protection to the gun. The external pouches are very helpful in storing extra magazines. The carry handles can be wrapped around. The inner lining is resistant to heat, which means it will not cling to the barrel of the firearm.


  • This bag has handles that can be wrapped around very easily
  • The external pouches are spacious and can be used for carrying extra ammo
  • The main compartment is divided by a padded divider
  • The internal lining is Laminated Tricot
  • Very durable product


  • This does not have  any tie-downs, but it is not a major drawback

This rifle case has gained tremendous popularity in the market and we are proud to present it to you. The design is really smart and there is no reason why you would not like this at all. This can fit an 18-inch barrel upper without any problems. The primary compartment is divided into two halves via a padded divider, which can also be removed.

The interior sports thick padding which adds sufficient protection to your firearm. This carry case is not heavy at all and it measures 20 inches. This is quite compact to be carried around. The quality is superb and you can count on this to last for a very long time to come.

So, if you are looking for something worth the money then this is what you should get. You can safely add this to your shopping list. You will no longer have to depend on brands that push flimsy products


  • The padded divider inside the case can be removed
  • The case is well padded on all sides and at the same times the outline of the firearm is not revealed
  • The top panel has sturdy zippers
  • The case features two big carry handles that are sewn on the case


  • This does not have any pouches for carrying extra magazines, but that is a deal-breaker


So, this is all the information you need on the Best AR 15 Takedown Case. All the brands mentioned above are reputed and are known for producing the best quality products. You can select any one of them as they are all winners. Use them once and will not think about switching over to any other brands.

Just like other products these have their cons, but the good news is that they will not discourage you from selecting either of them. Take your time and go through all the aspects mentioned here before you go ahead and make your decision.

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