How To Slice The Pie Tactic? Ultimate Guideline Of A Vital Tactic

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Basically, “Slice the pie” is the best strategy to approach a chokepoint. Chokepoint is a key position that you need to know to deal with potentially dangerous situations. For illustration: the door to the room – the only way to enter the room is through this door. Understanding “how to slice the pie tactic” will enable you to be safer in a potential engagement.


How To Slice The Pie Tactic?

Everyone needs to know a few solutions for good defense because danger may lurk everywhere. Going through a choke point in a potentially hostile environment is extremely dangerous. The “slice the pie” strategy will show you the best way out of choking situations. Ready to learn more about “slice the pie”?

Common Rules

‘Slice the pie’ strategy is the most common practice in looking for vehicles, entering open areas with obstacles, going downstairs in hallways, or entering doors. The tactic aims to give you an accurate reference in each viewing angle and maximum body concealment for safety.

When getting to the area you are in search of, you need to identify your axis and your reference system. After that, determine the most beneficial distance to observe and take timely action if any surprising circumstances occur.

The most suitable distance between you and a specific point (door, corner,…) is 2 to 3 feet.

Fundamental Slicing The Pie Tactic

Think of a time when you were cutting a round cake. With the first fan-shaped piece of cake, you will see that the center of the cake will be from a very narrow distance and gradually expand towards the crust.

You could also apply this principle to cleaning a hallway or a room. The end of the wall or door frame is the center to open up the whole view of the new “slices”. In each room, there can be many ”slices”.

Eventually, using this tactic can cope with the enemies when in need and help you observe and safely move to a predetermined location.

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Slicing The Pie In A Hallway And Elsewhere

by 300AACBlackout Team

Slice the pie shares the same approach, and you can apply it broadly. If there are some chokepoints with several covers, this technique will help you step-by-step to clear and secure the outside area or areas beyond. For illustration, instead of reaching for the doorframe, you could move  little-by-bit around the wall corner and down the hallway. Also, you could take advantage of this technique to clear through a window. 

Besides, “slice the pie” is extremely useful when you go around buildings or cities to clear any obstacle. By and large, the basis of this strategy is quite straightforward. As long as you master the basic rules, you can apply them in many different fields.

Slicing The Pie In A Doorway

Move along the wall, slowly approach the door and make sure that your weapon is still slung over your shoulder and in a ready position when suddenly facing a threat. If you find it almost impossible to see inside the room, you’ve already identified your first “slice”. Then keep inching forward.

Every time you move forward, you will see other “slices of cake”, that is, you can observe many other positions and corners in the room. Once you get close to the room’s door, you have erased the “slices” of this room, and when you get through the door, you have already cleared all the “slices” of the room.

In addition, to ensure the money in the house is safe, be sure to have a gun ready to defend in the room.

Tips & Tricks

It would help if you move in a way that keeps yourself about one foot or two from the wall as this allows you not to expose your body too much and ensures safety while inching around the wall. Furthermore, don’t move too fast. While your instincts often urge you to move faster, it’s times like this that you’re most likely to miss things.

Test your gun barrel! If you want to make sure you don’t surprise anyone in the room, move around and make sure to place your crate away from the doorframe. Be careful not to leave the barrel on the doorstep because that’s like you’re harming yourself.

To master this tactic, practice as much as possible as it will be really helpful for your safety in case of unforeseen circumstances. At the simplest, you can try exercising right in your bedroom, for example. At that time, you will have better judgments when practicing.

Wrapping Up

”Slice the pie” is an extremely basic tactic to protect yourself and escape in a dangerous situation. This is one of the top skills you need to prioritize. One day, if a dangerous situation suddenly occurs, you should immediately remember this tactic to apply it thoroughly.

Once you find the line between life and death quite thin in really tricky and risky situations, then you will realize the great importance of learning ‘’how to slice the pie tactic’’. On top of that, bear in mind that you do not move too fast.

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