The Best Boot Knife Can Save Your Life

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Do you like camping, hunting? Are you in survival industry? In either of the situations, you may already know that carrying a knife is a must in both the cases. In order to survive uncalled situations, you may need one.

That said, it must be mentioned that you need to keep another knife handy, besides a pocket knife. In a nutshell, it is better to stay prepared if you spend your life outdoors.

Now, you may ask that how should you know which is Best Boot Knife in the market. Should you opt for a Gerber or go for MTech instead? We have composed this post to provide you with all the answers comprehensively. Read on to know more.

Benefits Of The Best Boot Knife

Simply put, it has to be mentioned that a boot knife is a self defense weapon. If not anything else, campers or for that matter anyone, can use it to peel, cut and chop food.

So, you already know that a boot knife is used for many purposes, yet there is more to their use like:

  • It is a concealed weapon that can be used in any adversary or just for protection
  • It gives you the mental piece that you have something to defend yourself with, because the absence may make you feel vulnerable in the wilderness
  • In a way, you can say that you remain prepared if you have one in tow
  • You can perplex your attacker with a sudden attack
  • Get rid of animals of other predators when camping
  • Cut through ropes and intertwined branches if there a need be
  • Hunters can use it for their sport
  • Horse riders and bicyclists may need to cut a vine or two when riding

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How To Choose A Boot Knife?

Now, that you have recognized the advantages of a boot knife, you may be interested to know how to buy one. As promised, we have tried our best to collate all the details that we could in regards to this topic.

Here are a few pointers that can help you decide choose the Best Boot Knife for you.

Grip – This is one of the most important aspects of selecting a boot knife because the grip plays a significant role. You should have a comfortable grip and it the knife should not slip out of your hand. If possible look for soft handled knife because hard grip may make it uneasy for use.

Blade – This totally depends on your requirement because there are blades that can be used for stabbing and some for slashing. You need to make choice between the two wisely. The double edged with a spear tip is ideal for stabbing and the single edged with clip point is considered perfect for slashing. You know which to one serves your purpose best and make a selection accordingly.

Length – You can find these blades ranging in between 2.5 to 5 inches in general. Again, this is about comfort as you will be carrying it on your body (inside a shoe) and you must feel secured with it. It should not cut through your foot or hurt you in anyway. This suggests that you should buy a boot knife of an appropriate length.

Steel – Okay, we have reached the peak of this discussion on boot knives. This is why we take our liberty to explain this point as we regard this to be one of the most crucial elements of a knife is its steel.

Not to mention, that the stainless steel blades are durable, but the carbon steel ones are sturdier. Once again, you need to choose as per your need and that should see you through this selection procedure.

Joint – It is better known as the tang, as the blade joins the handle around this area. The strongest would be a full tang that has the blade covering in length and breadth of the handle. The next is a construction that has the blade covering almost the whole of a handle and the weakest is the partial coverage.

Beware, while choosing the last one, but again, if you don’t need anything sturdy and may be looking for a budget boot knife, then this could be your thing.

The Problems

As far as the problems are concerned with a boot knife, you must be told that you must carry one, only in places that allow it. Some totally rule out carrying or sporting of a double edged knife in public or in the open. You must read through the norms as you would like to live on the other side of law in these areas. This would be the best solution as there is no need to invite unwanted trouble.

Then, there is a possibility of hurting yourself with a boot knife if you do not know how to wear one. There are specific ways of tying it around your leg and foot that you must learn, watching a couple of videos may be of help in this regards.

Another thing is many have discarded the notion of wearing a boot knife owing to the difficulty of reaching them. This could mean lack of physical fitness that people usually don’t want to talk about.

The 5 Best Boot Knife Reviews

Speaking from personal experiences, we have tried our best to curate a list of the Best Boot Knife for you. Have a look at them as we have discussed them in details in here.

The knife from Smith & Wesson is one of the most popular knives in the small to medium size category. If this interests you, then do have a look at this knife as we have discussed it in details


  • The knife blade is made of high carbon stainless steel grade 7cr17
  • This grade of steel is equivalent to military specifications of steel in USA
  • It is extremely lightweight and easy to carry
  • Blade length is 4.75 inches and handle length is 4.2 inches
  • Its shining black color adds to its elegance
  • The blade is dual edged and has spear point at its end with blood groove
  • It has black rubber wrapped handle for tight grip that does not slip
  • The knife’s end has a lanyard hole and you can put a cord through it to make sling it (if you want)
  • This weapon comes with a well stitched black leather belt
  • The knife will endure a drop test of 3 feet and is highly durable
  • Can be used for recreational purposes and self defense


  • It is little long to fit inside a boot
  • May be uncomfortable to carry at times

MTech USA Xtreme is a cool small to medium size knife that is available at competitive prices in the market nowadays. The manufacturer is a well known brand that has been in this field for quite some time and is admired for the quality of their blades.

Have a look at it and see if this meets your criterion.


  • The blade is made of 440 stainless steel grade which contains high carbon giving the material excellent hardness features and edge retention
  • The knife has fixed tactical blade with two tone double half serrated type
  • The handle is G10 type which provide excellent gripping in the wettest of conditions
  • It has a lanyard hole on the end to attach extra cordage
  • This tool comes with a leather sheath that is well stitched
  • Moreover, it is safe and easy to carry in the boots
  • This knife is generally used for self defense, recreational or tactical purpose
  • The overall length of the knife is 9 inches


  • It is not a pocket size knife that may not fit into the pocket
  • Looses color coating if used unwisely

Gerber Ghoststrike fits into the category of small size knives and is one of the best because of its reasonable pricing and durability. Gerber is a major player in this industry and there is hardly anyone especially that is looking for tactical knives, has not heard of them.


  • The knife is compact and the complete body is made of 420HC steel frame
  • The blade has a black ceramic coating which is non corrosive
  • Due to this ceramic texture the blade offers minimum glare or reflection to the user
  • The handle is made of high quality rubber to provide enhanced grip
  • The diamond shaped handle construction restricts slipping of the knife from the user
  • Blade length is 3.3 inches and the overall length is 6.9 inches
  • This knife comes with a well stitched leather cover
  • This cover can be adjusted with the belt or ankle wrap
  • There is a lanyard hole at the end for cord attachment
  • The edge of the blade is fine and sharp for slicing with high precision
  • Best used for self defense or tactical purpose


  • It happens to be small in size that may pose a problem for those who want it for powerful tasks
  • Way too expensive

SOG Instinct Fixed Blade NB1012-CP is a small pocket sized knife which comes very handy in any unwary or troublesome situation where the user is in a fix. This is a reasonably priced boot knife that you may give a serious thought to.


  • The blade material is 5cr15 stainless steel
  • The shape of the blade is clip point that has a satin polish finish
  • This knife comes with a G10 machined stainless steel handle
  • The shape of the handle is anti grip and slip resistant
  • The blade is non corrosive by nature
  • The tool comes with a nylon sheath or covers which is very hard and molded
  • The piece has a lanyard hole at its end to attach necessary cordage
  • The blade length is 2.3 inches and the overall length is 5 inches
  • This tool can be easily hidden inside the boot or kept in the pocket
  • Best use for self defense


  • The size is too small and you may easily lose it when outdoors, so you need to take special care of it

They say, the designer (A.G. Russell of Rogers) breathes, sleeps and eats knives, which is why products by Columbia River Knife and Tool are considered to be a quality one. Mention has to be made about the fact that they were the first mail order knife manufacturer.

They are good at what they do and know how to do it ever since 1994. That is certainly not a short span of time, but kind of makes them an authority in this industry for sure.


  • Gorgeous looking boot knife
  • Two edged tactical knife
  • Hot forged with 1050 carbon steel
  • Has a spear point tip
  • Designed by the famous A.G. Russell
  • Has a non corrosive black and non-reflective powder coating
  • This coating makes it very durable
  • Handle is contoured for a comfortable grip with bare hands or even with a glove
  • The sheath is made of nylon and comes with strapping facilities
  • You get a lifetime warranty and this certainly establishes it as one of the Best Boot Knife


  • The handle is not as smooth as it should be
  • Buy it from a reliable merchant to avoid falling prey to cheap duplicates


We would like to think, that finding the Best Boot Knife may have seemed to be a tad difficult job initially, but reading through this post certainly has changed your perception for sure.

In simple words, if you want blades with high quality, then you must give in to Gerber or Smith & Wesson, whereas for a tactical knife there is nothing better than MTech.

That means choosing the right knife should depend on your requirement and it is one truth which cannot be denied. We have recorded the best of boot knives, now it over to you. Go take the action!

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