Reviewing The Best Red Dot Sights for AK47: A Useful Tutorial

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Planning to boost the performance of your AK47? You might be then looking for enhancing the cruddy stock iron sights. The AK47 is perfect for mid-range or short gunning; hence, you don’t need to buy a large optic with the wide magnification range.

The standard 1X magnification will go perfectly well with it. Adding a minimum weight to your firearm, you can have eye relief for many days. Using the best red dot sights for AK47, you can focus on better image clarity.

How To Choose The Best Red Dot Sights For AK47

AK47s are highly difficult to handle; nevertheless, when you are seeking the best red dot sights for Ak47, you will understand that it is also a hard job. You might get the chance for mounting or updating a scope on your gun for targeting accuracy and supporting performance.

But you just don’t know how to find the best optics to buy. Before go for searching the best model or brand, make sure to consider the factors stated below to make a perfect buying decision.

The Right Mount

When you plan to invest in an optic, you must know about the rail system and the optics mount. A lot of mounts are available in the market but don’t go for the not-so-good items; try using products made in the USA.

Getting a one-mount-fits-all solution is not possible, as there are certain conflicts in the specifications among manufacturers when it comes to placing the rail or hand-guard system. Make sure to buy an optic that will help you obtain operation accurately with the mount and also your AK47.

RS Regulate Mounting System

This system is preferred by every professional as it allows mounting an optic very close to the barrel while centering it over the bore of the firearm. The products of RS Regulate are little costly but assure the best performance.

Its mounting technology assists many popular optic brands, enabling you to co-witness. Due to its modular design, you can choose an adapter designed for a particular optic.

Co - Witnessing

This is the connection between the iron or fixed sights and the optical sight of AK47. With co-witnessing, you can align the iron sights in a group with the red dot optic.

When the red dot remains in a co-witnessed position, it implies that the two sights are zeroed for the same windage and distance.

Rail Systems/Dust Cover

Alongside the side mounts, there are several rail systems designed for fitting over the dust cover of the rifle. The leading companies offer the co-witnessing platform in their rail system and provide a manual guide in the package also.

Some offer combined dust cover and rail and not a rail system separately, which is a notable benefit for the shooters.

If you are not sure about where you will mount your red dot on the rifle, before spending money on a rail system, it is advisable to you to just tape your optic on the rifle to decide your choice.

Pairing the Optic with a Mount

While purchasing an optic for your AK47, remember that you need to shop for a mount and an optic. A combo is a good option that functions harmoniously with your weapon.

It is highly recommended to check the specifications offered by the manufacturer before buying.

Benefits Of Using A Red Dot Sight

If shooting is a desired hobby of yours, you must have a great knowledge about red dot sight, as gunning is incomplete without it. When you are a newbie in the field of hunting or shooting with AK 47, you might be wondering the importance of a red dot sight in your firing process.

If your prey is running very fast, then with its help you can hit the prey with good efficiency. So, here find a glimpse of using a red dot sight for your AK 47:

  • Professional shooters love it if they want to hit their target at an amazing distance, especially for the quick moving preys.
  • A red dot sight helps save the targeting time.
  • It helps hit the target with excellent accuracy and make you capable of firing the rounds with amazing speed.
  • The red dot sight is the non-magnifying reflex sight that can be utilized with the rifles as well as different other devices which engage precision and aiming.
  • The red dot shows where your bullet will hit and simplify your target, adjusting the dot on it.

Best Red Dot Sights For AK47 Reviews

This red-dot reflex sight amazingly maximizes gunning accuracy and targeting speed. It eases the way of targeting by reducing the requirement of focusing on and aligning the rear sight, front sight, and prey.

With this red dot sight, the target and targeting dot always remain in focus and perfectly aligned for the optimal accuracy. It’s a preferred choice of the shooters.

  • Parallax-free, for more accuracy
  • Comes waterproof
  • Comes with Burris Forever WarrantyTM
  • Amazing 20000 hours battery life
  • Lightweight and compact; hence doesn’t affect the balance or handling of a firearm
  • Mounts to nearly everything – rifles, handguns, and shotguns – utilizing Burris Mounting Systems
  • Durable steel construction and made with high-grade materials only
  • 1X magnification enables both-eyes-open shooting, for improved awareness and target acquisition
  • Maximizes your gunning speed and accuracy
  • Provides unlimited eye relief
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with Picatinny Mount that enables to mount on any rifle
  • The bright red dot enables easy targeting and fast target acquisition
  • Elevation and windage adjustments make the fine-tuning easier
  • Features a light sensor which automatically adjusts the brightness of the dot to the surrounding conditions

If you want to strike fast and have the capacity of locking on, make sure to opt for the Vortex Optics SF-BR-503 StrikeFire II Bright Red Dot Sight. It’s engineered with the high-quality materials which offer easy adjustment of 10 red dot intensity levels.


  • Waterproof functionality
  • Completely multicoated on every air-to-glass surface for antireflective functionality and maximized light transmission
  • Basic battery life is 300 hours at ultimate brightness and 6000 hours at minimal brightness
  • Parallax-free design, for better accuracy
  • Unlimited non-critical eye relief offers rapid aim acquisition
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Fog-proof due to nitrogen gas purging
  • Offers reliable performance preventing dust, moisture, and debris with its O-ring seals
  • Hard anodized finish for durability and low-glare
  • Strong weathered construction bears impact and recoil
  • 12 hours auto shutdown feature enhances battery life
  • Features red dot density and adjustable brightness
  • Features vortex cap and multicoated lenses
  • The Cantilever Ring Mount puts the optic bore center 40mm above the base, offering lower 1/3 co-witness with the iron sight on flat top AR 15 rifles.


  • The style and color of the vortex cap may vary sometimes

If you are looking for a safe and parallax-free designed red dot sight, then you must opt for HOLOSUN HS403G Paralow Micro Red Dot Sight that comes with a high E/W Turret and compatible with the T1 mount. It offers unlimited eye relief.


  • Completely waterproof and submersible to 100ft
  • The latest LED technology enables 50000 hours of usage on a single battery
  • Parallax-free design
  • Battery housing on the optic’s right side offers easy availability of the battery
  • Features bright red dot and premium quality clear lens with crisp.
  • The turret adjustment device is 3mm higher than the HS403A, in order to make it simpler for adjusting with a gloved hand.
  • Battery operation enables auto-on with movement and auto shut-off after 8 hours. Even comes with a manual off feature.
  • No hazardous material used
  • Designed for both day usage and night vision
  • Can withstand extreme weather conditions
  • MAO/PEO finish and higher strength aluminum construction
  • 2MOA dot size when the red dot is on the target
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Battery usage remains 50000 hours for only 5 years of continuous use


We must admit that we found the Burris FastFire Red-Dot Reflex Sight with Picatinny Mount as the most favorite one from the list of reviews of the best red dot sights for AK47. We haven’t found any aspect lacking delivered by this product while reviewing these products. Well, the Burris FastFire is really an amazing option that stands up first among these five. While every feature is standard, it really crosses off everything on our list: clear image, adjustable brightness levels, and lightweight and compact design.

So, what more could we expect? It’s enough worth to invest in and its simplicity wins all. Its compact design makes a big impression on the gunners who look for a potential investment. The HOLOSUN also adopted some similar concepts to give a tough competition.

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