Things Nobody Told You About Best AK Scope Mounts

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When it comes to your automatic rifle, it is better to get the best mounts for them. Be it a shooting practitioner or a hunter, all shooters want to hit the bull’s eye. This is a common thing among all. However, what only a few would understand is that along with your skill, your weapon must be loaded with proper mounts and optics for this too. 

In case, you want to get the feel of accurate connections, you must install the Best AK Scope Mounts. For this will add to your shooting experience and make that perfect shot. So, why wait for anything more? Let us have a look at how these mounts can change your game.

How To Choose The Best AK Scope Mounts?

We all know how important it is for us to get the right optics in place for recording that impeccable score. Nonetheless, don’t forget the significance of heavy-duty mounts for your guns. We agree that looking for that flawless mount can be a daunting task, yet we have made it easy for you. Here are a few pointers that may help you accomplish your goals:


Even before you go for a mount, you should try one for yourself. You can borrow it from a friend or an acquaintance to get the feel of it. Unquestionably, this could help you find the best mount for you.


This is an imperative while buying anything and the same levies on this. Jot down a number and stick to it, this will help you weed out a few options.


Make sure the mount you are investing in is hardy to withstand a lot of your outdoor escapades. A long-lasting mount means better protection and safe shooting.


Oh, come on now, you don’t want to get tired while on the move! Hence, it is advisable to choose something weightless and compact in shape. This infers that you will not have a hard time using your weapon.

Review Of The Best AK Scope Mounts on The Market

Below is a collection of the finest AK scope mounts that can up your game:

Now, this mount can truly transform your AK rifle. It combines the best of two worlds that takes advantage of American panache along with Soviet manufacturing. Installing this mount will ensure you of mounting anything you want.

You may use commonly found rings and this certainly adds to its charms. Unlike standard Russian built rifles, this one does not come with built-in rings to restrict your choices.

With aluminum construction, this mount has a string locking system in place, and it holds to your zero. It performs well and has a sturdy construction.

If you are aware of WASR, then you may know that it may take some effort from your side to mount your weapon seamlessly. You can take it off and on quite easily with AKs. What more do you want? 

If there is a con that we must disclose about the Tacksport Red Dot Scope Mount, then that would be it cannot be used for anything else. That is correct, you can use this as a red dot scope and nothing more. This is a simple mount that helps shooters and target practitioners more. 

You cannot go wrong with this on a Ruger, Bushnell, or even Romanian AK! If you are looking for something within a budget, then this is the one you must go for. Undoubtedly, the Tacksport Red Dot has become one of the Best AK Scope Mounts.

What you do when you want to adjust your scope’s position? You simply install this modular mount. It can custom fit into your gun and do not think this is like a cheap variety. It is a premium quality mount that can help you get your scope to get as low as you want. 

Now, this helps in getting a good grip over the cheek of your firearm. You will never come across a mount for AKs that allows such a low profile setting for an optic. 

It has brass levers that can sit on your gun securely. Once, you load it on your weapon, you are free to de-attach and attach it, only to find that it can hold the zero without a glitch.

Not to mention, its modular property only makes it a versatile mount that agrees with optics of all kinds. This widens your horizons for sure, as it gives you a lot of options to choose from. 

Unless you are a Purist, you will agree that working with a weapon without an optic can be a difficult task. The RS AK-301 is a robust unit, as it is made from titanium, billet aluminum, and stainless steel hardware. It is light in weight and has been dubbed as the “thinnest side mount in the world”.

We must also add that it is pretty straightforward to use. It is durable and once you have a taste of it, you will never go for an alternative without a doubt.

This mount is designed for red dots only and provides you with a solid platform for mounting optics. This too is a premium quality mount that is made in the USA. This certainly appeals to a lot more people than you can think of. It is thoroughly used tactical purposes all over the world. 

This mount is a hard-wearing unit that is made from hard-anodized aluminum. Its matte black color helps you conceal your weapon when required. To be honest, it assimilates into your firearm because of this color. One more thing that makes this mount so popular is that this too concedes quite a low setting on your gun. 

Mention has to be made about the fact that it replaces the upper handguard and the steel tube (gas). This manages the weight of the mount, rendering it lightweight and this implies that it will not weigh you down. On the other hand, it is rather easy to use and makes your life easy too. It gives you a natural way to target with its uncomplicated and rapid mounting.

In short, the Ultimak Ak Scout Mount is a resourceful unit. Just make sure that your rifle is symmetrical before you mount this one over it. They have a helpful customer service that you can get in touch anytime you want. You don’t require a gunsmith to assist you with this. Need we say more?

Most of these Best AK Scope Mounts are suited for AKs, both old and new. Just pay attention to the suggestions we mentioned in this post. All in all, AKs are rugged rifles that have proven their worth. They are good at engaging targets at a distance as well. 

These days, you even get sporting versions of this variant. You get to select from a vast range of products for this purpose too. This means you can do a lot with these mounts and only your imagination can put a limit on their usages. That is to say, installing the right mounts will make your rifle steady and enjoyable. Go for it!

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