Top 3 Best Scope For .22-250 Reviews – Ultimate Buying Guide

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Are you planning to upgrade your rifle optics? Have you started looking for an optic yet? The problem is even if you have the cash for it, you may not know which one to buy. Worry no more as we have got you covered for it in this post that talks about the Best Scope…

Are you planning to upgrade your rifle optics? Have you started looking for an optic yet? The problem is even if you have the cash for it, you may not know which one to buy. Worry no more as we have got you covered for it in this post that talks about the Best Scope for .22-250 and more.

Here is a detailed explanation as to what kind of scope you should look for in case you are an owner of a .22-250 rifle. 

Benefits of Scopes for .22-250

Yes, now you may be thinking of why would you need a scope? Good question. Well we have formulated some indicators that may actually tell you, why you need them. Have a look at them and then you can decide in or against their favor.

  • First things first, a scope increases the range of your rifle
  • It can raise the accuracy level of your rifle and take your shooting experience a notch higher
  • You feel confident and can aim better
  • Taking down moving targets becomes a reality and especially if you are in a profession that needs it (like a police officer or a stealth attacker) then you will understand its significance all the more
  • You can take longer shots that would be difficult with the naked eye
  • Scoring better was no never so easy 
  • Moreover, you can get scopes by the click of a finger as you can place an order online and be done with it
  • You can even read a lot of reviews (like this) to get started

How To Choose The Best Scope For .22-250?

Alright, this no science and there are no right or wrong ways of doing this. However, if you are looking for a scope for your .22-250 rifle, then you must take some these pointers into account.

These are just way to start your search and we guarantee you that you will not be disappointed if you follow them. All you need is a little bit of persistence to read into the features and then decide. 

Let The Price Do The Talking

These days you can find scopes that have been reasonably priced. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on something that you may use once or twice.

By this, we mean, your requirements can guide you well. If you are in a profession that demands carrying a rifle all day, then you surely what to do. If you are into recreational activities, then you know what to do in that case. Indisputably, budget plays a big role in getting the right scope for your .22-250.

Hardiness of the Scope

Look you need to invest in a scope that will last you long. This means the scope must be made from high quality material like aircraft grade aluminum or something very similar to ensure its sturdiness. You could look for multi coated optics and they surely will cost you a fortune and even into adjustment pieces that could assist you engage better.

Magnification Holds the Key

It could magnify 4x, 6x, 12x like the Nikon ProStaff or even 20x similar to the Vortex Optics Crossfire. Again, your needs will help you take a call on this because you certainly will choose a scope depending your target range. Of course, there is no denying the fact that the magnification of a scope quite obviously is a determining dynamic.

Eye Relief

You cannot but notice that your scope must have some kind of eye relief. For example, there should be enough room for recoil while you aim and no bites after long practice. All these make your scope valuable and it must not only provide you with eye relief but also offer you with longer eye relief.


We would advise you to get something straight forward and easy to comprehend kind of reticle. There are a lot of options these days that you can choose from, like dots to complex designs with grids. Nonetheless, it is always wise to select something that is easy to comprehend over a fancy one. Think about it!


This is the most important criteria of all, because not all high priced scopes are superior as weighed against the lesser expensive ones. All you need is a scope that has clarity, is weatherproof, can be adjusted and solidly made. If you get all these decisive factors together in place, then you may accomplish your mission very well.

Top 3 Best Scope For .22-250 Reviews

As promised here are the best scopes that you can get for your .22-250 range. 

Can you even dispute over the name Nikon? Okay, we are speaking about Nikon that has been dealing with optics for ages now. You can imagine how this precisionist riflescope can help you in the middle of a practice. The lens is 40 mm with a magnification of 12x, but is considered to be a traditional scope for shooters.

This is regarded as a hunting rifle or you may keep it at the bench, it is your choice. There is more to this and we have pretty summed it up like this:


  • The black metallic finish lends it a sultry look
  • The polymer and aluminum make it hard wearing 
  • Its multicoated optics can transmit 98% of light (that is available)
  • Light in weight scope that quite evidently makes it a good choice for those that have to carry their rifles along
  • Effortless to focus in when required
  • Overall, parallax setting is commendable
  • Dials work pretty good


  • The optics are clear and there are no doubts about that, but can cause parallax distortion, particularly if your eye in placed at an angle
  • The eye relief at 12x is not that helpful and not expected from a Nikon

A Vortex is no less than a brand in the field and avid shooters are aware of its quality without a doubt. This bullet drop compensator or BDC scope is made from aircraft grade aluminum. Its tube is purged with nitrogen and it has more features like these that are difficult to find in this range.

We have collated all that for you and listed it in the section underneath. Make you read it with care and understand all the given information clearly. 


  • Sturdy because of its hard anodized build
  • The solid construction makes it a quality product
  • The O-ring is waterproof and for proof
  • Anti reflective coatings and especially designed to go into from air to glass surfaces
  • High performing scope with 20x capacity that justifies it being on this list of Best Scope for .22-250
  • Easy to set up that adds another feather to this scope
  • Very accurate and tight groups make mounting a breeze
  • Extremely reasonably priced and that certainly explains its high demand
  • Vortex provide its VIP lifetime warranty with this scope


  • Zeroing could be a problem with this scope at times
  • Not that easy to adjust for sure

Okay, what do you think of a scope that has a wider objective with 56mm? It is called a Millett 6-25 X 56 LRS-1 and the Illuminated Side Focus is a major name in the optics industry. This Millett is a fairly larger version of its own and the scope is measured as an ideal one for target shooters, long range shooters and tactical operators.

You get a superior view and there are no questions asked as per this scope. You will soon find out more about it, in here, have patience and read it thoroughly.


  • It may look heavy and bulky but the eyepiece is really comfy and crisp
  • The tube 35mm is tough and colossal 
  • The scope has a good resolution because of its optics
  • The reticle glass has been coated with Mil-DotBar to ensure its durability
  • It is a resilient accessory that can withstand all weather conditions
  • What makes it different from the rest is the ¼ MOA windage and elevation adjustments 


  • The illumination could be a problem for those that want a perfect shot
  • Adjusting the turrets after reaching 100Y could be a hindrance


Optics can improve your shooting range and that is why they are wanted. You must choose the Best Scope for .22-250 wisely based on your budget and preferences. Of course, if possible putting your trust into a name brand could be more sensible. Not to mention, that your profession also plays an important part in this selection. You could be into law enforcement, security services or military; you must make sure to choose a scope that suits your proficiency levels.

We want you to invest in a durable and powerful scope that will accompany you for your outdoor expeditions. Apart from this, you must have all the accessories for this scope to reap maximum benefits. Additionally, we would like to hear from you about if you liked our post. Let us know how we can better our endeavors in case you have suggestions. Do let us know through the comments section. 

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