Build Your Own Powerful Cartridges With The Best Single Stage Reloading Press

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The single reloading press is a mechanical tool which helps you thrust a bullet case into a reloading die.

With a reloading press, you can produce your ammunition at home and don’t need to spend huge money on new bullets anymore.

Do you want to own the best single stage reloading press?

There are tons of models on the market, so you should look at every aspect of a product and know how to use it before making the final decision. Also, you can check the top three single reloading press that we recommend at the end.

How To Use A Single Stage Reloading Press Properly

For a beginner, you may have trouble controlling the single stage reloading press for the first time.

Don’t worry anymore, follow these steps, and you can manage the machine fluently.

There are three main steps that you need to take to operate a single stage reloading press properly:

  • Prepare a primer into the right position, remember to wear the safety glasses.
  • Place a case into a holder to finish the downstroke on the press. If the primer stuck, you should heat the base of the case to increase space for the operation.
  • After all, pour the gunpowders through the funnel placed on top of the die; then you take down the press.

Don’t worry if you cannot do everything correctly for the first time.

Even if you follow the steps accurately, you still need to take time to practice. I’m sure that you can use this machine fluently after several sessions.

How To Choose A Quality Single Stage Reloading Press


The quality of construction materials is one of the essential aspects that you have to concern before buying anything, not only the reloading press.  

For a high-quality single stage reloading press, the manufacturer makes it from the cast iron which is the most durable material.

The only problem of the cast iron is that its weight is quite massive.

If you buy a press made from polymer carbon or aluminum, you will push the bullet case more easily because of its light-weight. However, the durability is less than the stability of the product made from iron.

Depending on your preference, you can choose a single reloading press that has the most suitable materials for you.

The Productivity

High productivity means you can spend less effort on an operation, saving a lot of time, money and energy.

So how can you know the product has excellent efficiency or not?

The standard productivity of a single stage reloading press is 1000 round per hour.  Therefore, if a product cannot deliver at least that rate, you should not buy it.

The Style of Press

There are two common styles of the press, which is O frame and C frame.

The O frame press can support the front and the back of the die, providing a steady frame for your operating system.

So what about C frame?

Different from the O frame, this style of the press doesn’t support either front or back of the die.

So if you choose the C frame reloading press, you must think more about the quality of materials.

I prefer the O frame style because it can have a better result and more durability.

The Resizing Die Operation

The resizing feature is a significant part in a reloading press, especially when you want to load a magnum rifle.

Why is it important?

In some specific situations, you will need a resizing tool for the reloaded case. If you do not resize the case correctly, the press will not fit.

So, you should also check whether the single stage press has enough space for additional pressing or not before purchasing the product.

The Primers System

The primer is another essential factor that affects the quality of the product. This part of the system helps you to hold the tray in a stable position so that you can comfortably operate the reloading press.

Like the resizing die, you need to check the prime tube carefully.

Now let check out the best single stage reloading press in 2019, I’m sure that one of these products below will satisfy you.

Top Three Single Stage Reloading Press

My first impression of this model is the size. I can bet it’s one of the smallest single stage reloading press on the market.

RCBS 87460 is made from high-quality and durable polymer, so the weight of this product is light enough for you to carry it.

Overall, if you are a person who needs to travel a lot, then this product is for you.

The manufacturer makes this product with O frame design, which increases the durability of it.

I feel more convenient when using RCBS 87460 as the frame has support for the front and back of the die.


  • A compact size
  • The high-quality polymer material
  • O frame design
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient handling


  • Inconvenient decapping design

The manufacturers make this product from high-quality cast iron, making you feel more probable and better handling.

The Lee reloading press is compatible with 7/8x14 dies and can work accurately not only in a single reload but also the reloading routines. Therefore, this model is perfect for light-duty works.

The primer system is one of my favorite in this model as it is sufficient in the reloading process and you can clean it easily.

You can use a 6-inch lengths leaves and don’t need to unmount the press or drill a hole in your bench to clean the primers.

However, this model has a characteristic that will make the users feel inconvenient - the C frame.

The C frame system doesn’t support the front and the back of the die, reduce the durability.


  • High-quality cast iron frame
  • Can work well on reloading routines
  • Easy to clean prime system
  • High-quality ram
  • Convenient handling


  • Inconvenient style of press

This product is another single stage reloading press model from Lee Precision - one of the famous brands in the industry.

It has the most extensive opening press I have ever seen. If you want to find a good reloading press for your rifle, then this model is suitable for you.

The press system is made from cast aluminum, making it lighter and more convenient.

Although the principal material in the press is cast aluminum, the system still has high durability and sturdy performance due to the “O frame style of the press.”

The unique handle is a fantastic feature of this model. Of course, every reloading presses has a handle system, but this one is special.

The handle operation is different from those of other products because it can be suitable for both left and right-hand user.

You can choose to move the handle to the side you want. Otherwise, you can even shorten the length of the handle when reloading the handguns bullet case.

I highly recommend this Lee Challenger Press if you need a single stage loading press. This quality press is suited to both beginners and seasoned professionals.


  • Can reload press for a rifle bullet
  • Outstanding handle
  • High-quality material on the primer system
  • Easy to use for a beginner


  • Less power on the press

To Sum Up

From all the information above, we hope that you will have enough knowledge to choose the most suitable single stage reloading press for yourself.

There are thousands of models of this product on the market, but those three machines have the best performances compare with the other ones I have tried.

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