Best Tips For Avoiding Common Reloading Mistakes

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If you master how to avoid reloading mistakes, you will take the satisfaction from making accurate rounds and economize in the long run. On top of that, towards any enthusiast in guns, these mistakes still occur when they reload their cases and cartridges.

By one way or another, let’s dive into the top 10 mistakes everyone should be aware of. 


Top 10 Tips For Avoiding Popular Reloading Mistakes

Many people make several mistakes while reloading. They are likely to be minor yet leave dangerous risks or bad consequences if you’re careless. Gain the following understanding to keep you and others around safe.

Powder Charge Errors

One of the most popular mistakes that people often make is getting powder charge errors. Many may put too much powder in or load the powder incorrectly. These faults could put you at risk for severe danger since the powder may come out of the ammunition.

Hence, you had better abide by the directions thoroughly. Especially know-how the loading press you equip with the cartridge and precise amount of gunpowder. Also, if you would like to reload different cartridges simultaneously, keep the powder apart from another to avoid all cases of loading the wrong powder. 

Cracked Case

Others often get stuck in another mistake called “cracked case’’. This situation takes place when you ignore or check those tiny cracks in the body, neck, or every part of the cartridge carelessly.

This will put you in danger due to the potential upcoming explosion. As a result, check out each case thoroughly prior to each reloading

Primer Seating

While placing a primer in the cartridge or the case, something will likely go wrong if this primer is not adequately set and deep in the cartridge itself. Even if this paint is stuck to the back end of the cartridge or too far away, it could ignite sooner than expected.

Therefore, carefully inspect the ink box before proceeding to place the primer inside. Ensure this layer is just below the rear surface of the cartridge.

Dented Cases

In addition to cracked cases, dented cases are the issue you should watch out for. They can cause an inadequate amount of ammunition to be put inside your cartridge. Then, this kind of mistake makes your gun malfunction – misfire or not fire at all.  

All you have to do to prevent these incidents is search for each cartridge in advance. In this way, you could ensure that your gun is dented under no circumstances. In return, repairing your weapon at once or stopping using it needs thorough consideration

Untrimmed Cases

Another unexpected mistake is named the untrimmed case, which could make the cases too long, and will eventually crush the chamber’s end. This influences accuracy directly so much. 

To prevent this issue, you had better trim the cases each time as this can help you extend and prolong the cartridges’ and weapons’ lifespan.

Crimping Mistakes

Once this kind of severe mistake takes place, you will have big trouble with the weapon’s cycling. A bulge in your cartridge can be formed, making it get stuck in the chamber and inaccurately fire. 

Therefore, ensure that you have already checked out each cartridge and developed an exemplary process of how you crimp. Also, your ammunition needs inspecting every time you reload. Abiding by the previous procedures is required at all costs. 

Extra Crimping

Extra crimping in the reloading process can cause the bullet to bulge and misfire eventually. This enormous risk is extremely dangerous. To prevent this case from taking place, do not crimpen too much while reloading. 

Not Enough Crimping

Both extra and insufficient crimping is not good. Indeed, if someone has not crimped the round enough, this could lead to many unexpected incidents.

Notably, during the cycling and loading of the weapon, make sure the cartridge is accurately crimped to create the proper bullet seating. In contrast, if the cartridge crimping is not enough, it may make the bullet come out of it. 

Shaved Bullets

You can see small copper scraps scraping from the cartridge’s mouth’s edge while loading ammunition into a new gun/rifle. When you witness this, be especially careful as it can lead to significant accidents and shorten your cartridge’s lifespan. To fix this issue, change the angular size of the way you import the cartridge.

Inadequate Seating

Inadequate seating could lead to harmful consequences that can drive you mad. This mistake could entirely change the bullet’s navigation and could kill someone accidentally.

To avoid this risk, check out whether your shells are wrong during reloading or not. Just keep calm and do not hurry. Ensure that everything is done methodically.

Wrapping Up

We all take pleasure after handing over to you all common reloading mistakes. Following our directions to prevent all dangerous risks from you and others.

All you have to do is thoroughly inspect and check the entire rounds’ reloading and make sure you put them inside the weapon directly. It can be guaranteed if you abide by all safety rules we mentioned above. 300AACBlackout Team hope that today’s blog post satisfies your requirements. In case you see it beneficial, forward it!

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