The Best Case Trimmer To Make a New Hobby (2022 updated list)

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Case reloading is one of the most rewarding hobbies of a gun owner.

With the right trimmer, you can save money, time, and ultimately zero out the money you spend over time.

Without the best case trimmer, the case deforms with every bullet you shoot.

In this article, we will review how a good case trimmer helps you with your gun hobby. Also, discover the features a case trimmer should have, and the top 3 editors’ picks for case trimmers in 2020.

Is a Case Trimmer an Absolute Necessity?

Using guns is a hobby that gives you much pleasure, but costs quite a bunch.

Among many gun accessories, we think investing a case trimmer is a smart choice.

A good case trimmer will cost you some bucks at first. But think about it! It is inevitable that you use it if you want to reload the case. 

Make your cents count, and read the reviews below to know what is the trimmer for bullet case that worth every penny and satisfy your gunning needs.

What Does a Case Trimmer Do?

To prevent confusing assumptions, we will clarify some information about a case trimmer.

As you fire out a cartridge, the brass will expand to fill the chamber.

When you resize the brass, this small expansion becomes an extra gap. Each time, it only expands some thousandths of an inch.

However, the gaps do add up until your cartridge won't fit the chamber anymore.

If you don't have the best case trimmer, you won't be able to reload or use your case anymore. 

There's a case trimmer for every budget and needs on the Internet. If you want to find the one that best suits your needs, then read on.

A Good Case Trimmer Simplifies Your Reloading

In shooting, having a perfect shot is not that important.

The main reason why people use a case trimmer is to enhance their accuracy.

Trimming your case helps you improve precision and keep it in stellar marks.

This is important because some extra thousandths gaps on the neck are enough to throw the round off several MOA.

This MOA then translates into a complete miss of your target.

No matter how serious you are as a gun user, or it's just your hobby, taking steps to enhance your accuracy and consistency is still vital.

The case trimmer can simplify that process. It offers assistance by taking the pressure off your brass and rifle.

Use a good case trimmer to trim your cases consistently also takes the pressure off the brass. 

When your rounds are the same size every time, it will help the extraction process becomes easier on your piston.

As your round goes a little bit longer, you get to face a much higher probability of having a malfunction. This is especially true for semi-automatic rifles.

The Case Trimmer Will Refine Your Round

Gunning is a meticulous hobby, and every gunner wishes for accuracte shots.

With a well-made case trimmer, you will indefinitely have better products. 

The trimmer will give your case the perfect length and consistent rounds that both feed and extract better.

You won't need a case trimmer if you are fine with shooting low-quality ammunition.

That said, no need for a case trimmer if you buy new brass every time you fire.

However, you will need a case trimmer for reloading your cases into premium ammunition every time.

What Makes a Good Case Trimmer?

There are a few things to look for in a case trimmer, to decide if it's the love of your gun's life or not.

What's The Cutter Made Of?

As the main function of a case trimmer is to trim, or cut, then the blade material is the first thing we should examine.

Some brands make case trimmers with a basic steel cutter, which might get the job done, but won't be satisfying.

Above that, a high-speed steel cutter can do a better job, since it can last you a long time compared to the basic stell cutter.

With that blessing, only a carbide cutter should win your heart. In comparison with steel, carbide is much harder and will stay sharp much longer.

Are The Blades Easy to Replace?

Ease of replacement is another factor that you should examine, regarding the cutter blades of a trimmer.

As the blade wears out over time, buying a cutter and replace it will be a much economical option, and it can be done with ease.

Is It Powered, or Manual?

Powered cutter or manual cutter has its own advantages and disadvantage, and one can choose one purely based on their preferences.

Manual trimmers have a hand crank that turns the cutter. At a lower price point, they tend to bring you more value for the money.

Some manual trimmers have won a top-rated place in many trimmer ranking lists. This is because their quality stays, or even improves, over time.

Powered trimmers have an electric motor that power the cutter. It is useful for users with outstandingly high volume case rep, however, is not needed for the single gun user.

A seasoned gun owner knows that a case is to be trimmed after a few uses. Each time they trim, they can increase the accuracy and consistency of their rounds.

From there, we've known what a good case trimmer can do for us, and what characteristics the best items should have.

Now, let's move on to the long-awaited best 3 case trimmers of 2020 editors' choices.

The 3 Best Case Trimmer Reviews

There is no one size fits all when it comes to guns or case trimmer.

However, this comes closest to perfect. Everything you need should be in the box. There are several different caliber pilots and one cutter head.

This Trim-Pro tool can offer you the exact sizing, right down to the one-thousandth of an inch.

The operation is simple, too. You only need to dial it once, tighten the wheel, and we’re done.

Better yet, Trim-Pro Gen2 allows you to convert it into a power trimmer. The manufacturer for the price of a cup of tea.

You can just unscrew the handle and chuck your drill right up to the shaft.

Without any further attachments, you already have a powered case trimmer that can do any rifle cases.

As with pistol cases, you only need to buy the drill conversion piece. The instruction manual comes with this product is small, because it is really easy to use.

The shell holder is made universal, as well as the hand loader.

With just this one trimmer from RCBS, you don’t have to replace the shell holder for any caliber anymore.

The best part is that the kit comes with all the necessary pilots, so you know the total you need to pay for running accessories.


  • Comes from a reputed brand
  • Made with the highest quality materials
  • Can reload hunting cases
  • Kits include all the pilots that you may need


  • Can’t perform as fast as specialized rifle case trimmers
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The Hornady case trimmer takes reloading to a new level, thanks to the design that makes the case locked steadily in place to the shell holders.

No matter what the gap of a cartridge is, it can still restore the fired case to the correct length in an accurate manner.

The brand designed this trimmer with easy usage in mind: the Micro Adjust cutter allows changes as small as .001”. As it moves, the whole case keeps its place.

The cutter has a large diameter, while the cutting head is made of high-quality, ultra-hard material. Therefore, it can trim cases up to 50 calibers.

With just one quick turn, the cam lock locks the case rock solid in place. This also helps to measure the lengths correctly from head to the cartridge.


  • No need to hold your fist on the steady ground
  • Trim large cases, up to 50 calibers.
  • The bundle includes seven of the most common pilot sizes


  • Compatible with only standard Hornady shell holders and pilots.

The unit is the latest in the Lyman Universal Case Trimmer Series.

This trimer features a premium Carbide Cutter head, with the finest and sharpest cutting edge.

The manufacturer also made its edge longer, which helps reloading become fast and light.

Without needing to pushing down a lot of molds, you only need to push on a lever to load the case. This lever can hold and trim cases as big as 0.50 caliber.

Not only does the brand make this trimmer’s cutter with Carbide, but they also go a step further by coating it with nitride, making the blade indestructible.

The process to trim using this tool is simple. You just need to insert the case, put a button to close the holder in, and cut.

We also reckon that using this trimmer, we can reload our cases slightly faster than other brands.


  • Smooth and consistent trimming every time you use it
  • Strong cutter blade
  • Universal shell holder works for various brands


  • Bright color
  • May not suit some users’ taste.
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Ready for Your New Case Trimmer 

Our editors have agreed that these all three selections are the best case trimmers as in the market.

While each product has each unique pros and cons, we must say that the RCBS 90366 Trim Pro-2 Kit with Spring Loaded Shell Holder is our favorite.

Its industrial design offers a muscular look for your workspace, while the handle brings nostalgia each time you use it.

The trimmer is universal and versatile and comes with every accessory you may need in trimming cases.

Last but not least, its price is pretty decent for a tool that can last you some tens years.

Which is the one that suits your needs best? Tell us in the comment!

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