Take Note Of The Best 1911 IWB Holster In 2022!

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Handguns need holsters. And we need holsters more than just as accessories.

A good holster will keep the gun always ready for you and prevents firearms from dropping while running.

If you are seeking for a 1911 IWB holster, this article is for you. You'll find below a guide on how to choose the most suitable holster. If you cannot decide, don't hesitate to check the list afterward as we have some suggestions on the best 1911 IWB Holster at the end.

But first of all, there is something you need to know.

Tickets for The 1911 IWB Holsters in 2022

What is a 1911 Handgun?

John Browning designed the 1911 handgun, which has been in use in the US military for more than 100 years, guaranteeing its precision and capacity.

This US standard weapon can contain eight bullets. Also, the active firing range of 1911 pistol reaches 62 meters, while the typical range for a handgun is only 50 meters.

If you own a 1911 firearm, you should already know that this handgun is impressive.

What does IWB mean?

When you start searching for holsters, there are two types: IWB and OWB. What are they?

OWB stands for outside the waistband, and IWB is to carry inside the waistband. The latter is known as the most popular method among shooters because it can conceal guns.

To maximize the concealment of guns, finding a good IWB holster is essential. But with 1911 guns, we also want them always ready for actions.

How to choose a holster that meets both requirements?

What to Consider When Searching 1911 IWB holster?

What we expect from an IWB holster are protection and accessibility. However, referring to personal requirements, we need an overall look at materials, brands, special features and also the 1911 handgun.

Let’s take a closer look!


Holsters are usually made of leather or suede. They look cool and also is sturdy in use. The mixture of suede and saddle leather also makes excellent holsters.

We also have other well-constructed fabrics for preventing sweat or bacteria.

Among leather, we have cowhide leather which provides excellent comfort to users, and holsters with suede interior can protect the guns from moisture.

There are holsters made of vegetable-based fabric for those with skin allergies as well the material is soft so you can wear it comfortably.

Which material is for you?

Type of handguns

There are different firearms using 1911 pistols, and each of them ask for a specific type of holster.

We advise you to study your 1911 carefully, know its dimensions, features and you will be able to choose the best holster.


Because of its age, it is hard to choose the right holster for the 1911 handgun. However, we have some trusted brands which release high-quality holsters for this pistols.

For example, Galso Kingtuk is known for versatility and comfort. And if you are interested in a simpler design, we can find something useful with Desantis Soft-tuck while C-clip design appears in products by Bianchi.

Best 1911 IWB Holster Reviews

Among so many options, we pick out four best products. Each of these holsters for 1911 IWB handguns is optimal for both protection and accessibility.

We won’t keep you waiting any longer.


  • Hybrid holster
  • Comfortable
  • Versatility for full-sized 1911 handguns
  • Flexible shell
  • Made in the USA


  • Other shells not included
  • No holster mount for appendix carry

This Alien Gear is the newest model on the market. The kit consists of a shell with additional tools to set up as an IWB holster. The guideline is included in the package so everyone can follow the instructions easily.

This Cloak Tuck 3.5 holster is comfortable as the carrier is made from soft natural fabric. The outer frame is so hard that you could keep the firearms always in position. The material protects wearer’s skin from rubbing.

It looks like a bag but as a single carry pack with the band, core carry, and clip.

The kit includes only one shell for full sized 1911 designs. If not, you can purchase other shells from Alien Gear to carry other guns as the shell is adjustable.

Because it has no extra fabric, wearing it is entirely comfortable even when you sit down.

You can adjust the height of 1911 IWB holster in a second.


  • Sturdy belly band that fits anybody
  • Concealed carry
  • Flexible for all gun size and appendixes
  • Versatility in position, IWB or OWB
  • Both hands drawing
  • For ladies


  • Useless mag pouch

Here you go, ladies! We finally have a holster for small bellies. This ComfortTac belly hand holster is the optimal choice for everyone.

This holster has a belly band shape and elastic Neoprene for different sizes. On the band, we find spots for guns and other accessories. Thanks to the fantastic stretchy fabric, they fit all sizes of handguns. Say goodbye to the thick leather holster as this band is excellent for absorbing sweat, concealing and more importantly, carrying.

The band is so perfectly fit that you can run or jump without dropping guns. The fabric adjusts itself according to the situation.

Additionally, we can change the position of the handgun to match hand drawing. Now, you can draw guns from both sides at the same time without the need to use strong forces.

It’s thin and flat so that wearers can hide it inside waistband. Women who usually go out with skinny shirts will find this holster useful.

Another good news, this ComfortTac can change from IWB into OWB, making it a wise investment!

We highly recommend this one for ladies. Besides, you should be impressed at its versatility - what we are proud of.


  • Thin Polymer
  • Full-length protection from sweat
  • Easy to wear
  • Customized carry
  • Affordable


  • No straps

When you make your way to this third choice, we may confuse you by another amazing IWB holster. This Blade Tech Phantom works beautifully in concealment. The manufacturer takes 100% uses of polymer to protect the gun from sweat.

Is it what you are searching?

We have a protective IWB holster for 5’’ 1911 firearms.

Manufacturers do not want their product to disrupt user’s actions. Then they made a delicate holster that has belts loops to secure the gun. Users attach the holster by a button. This carry method is convenient, concealing and comfortable.

This Phantom is designed in Kydex style that helps drawing fun faster and more easily. And as its name describes, the Phantom holster with minimum details conceal gun better than ever.

We would recommend this holster for right-handed shooters. It suits carry position from 3 to 5 o'clock so that right-handed people can easily reach the gun.

#4. Bianchi 21 Inside The Waistband Magazine Pouch 1911 Leather


  • Simple design for the best concealment
  • Flexible for both left handed and right handed people
  • Firm placement promised
  • Convenient


  • Limited in gun sizes

If you are searching for an adjustable and straightforward holster, this is for you.

From the appearance, This holster looks the simplest.  Therefore, this IWB holster conceals the best of all.

We'll tell you about the unique features of this Bianchi.

You can hold it tightly with a snap button as it is not a crude clip that tucks in your belt but a well-made safety pin. You can stop worrying about dropping guns while running.

It’s for both right-handed and left-handed gun owners.

There is no band so don’t worry about the annoyed feeling. The box shape is quite good at protection, and make it easy to access your gun.

Our Choice

We highly recommend the ComfortTac Ultimate belly band. This flexible holster is such a fantastic band for any handguns, not only 1911

Also, it's quite hard for women to find out a great holster. It's concealing, perfectly fit and versatile.

Wrapping Up

The 1911 handguns are brilliant guns that we can carry along. With the support of an IWB holster, we can conceal the guns perfectly while being ready for action.

There is a lot of factors to consider when we search for a holster, from the designs to personal requirements on materials, price, and features.

There are too many holsters on the market, so we short down to 4 best IWB 1911 Holsters. Each of them presents exclusive features that everyone love.

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