The Best Machete Survival Guide


Like any other weapon, the machete has also been an agricultural tool that later was developed into an arm. Cutting through weeds and sugarcane along with chopping large chunks of food as well as splitting coconuts were its common uses. Then came a time when the peasant guerrillas used it as a weapon during the most … Read more

Surviving with the Best Folding Karambit


What originated in Indonesia as an agricultural tool; today has become a prominent weapon for self-protection. Farmers used it for cutting, raking, rooting and pulling, but it later grew as a popular weapon, that is widely used in martial arts like Filipino and more as a means of self-defense. We have dedicated this post for to … Read more

The Best Boot Knife Can Save Your Life


Do you like camping, hunting? Are you in survival industry? In either of the situations, you may already know that carrying a knife is a must in both the cases. In order to survive uncalled situations, you may need one. That said, it must be mentioned that you need to keep another knife handy, besides a … Read more

Here Are Some Tasty And The Best MRE Brands


Meal ready to eat of MRE is a low cost and portable food that is made, especially for the soldiers. However, the survival industry also is a big consumer of these food products. These often serve as the choicest option in times of emergency. One can use them for humanitarian reasons during salvage operations too. … Read more