Best Scope for Ruger Gunsite Scout on the Market: Top 3 of 2022 Reviews

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Compared to other types of recreational rifle, the Ruger Scout is made to be more aggressive. You can bet your life with a Scout in term of defending yourself with that lightning fast carbine. Though the gun seems to be nothing of peace, doesn’t mean you can’t take it out to a hunting or card shooting. The excellent…

Compared to other types of recreational rifle, the Ruger Scout is made to be more aggressive.

You can bet your life with a Scout in term of defending yourself with that lightning fast carbine.

Though the gun seems to be nothing of peace, doesn’t mean you can’t take it out to a hunting or card shooting.

The excellent gun deserves incredible optics. The scope should allow both eyes to open while shooting. Moreover, it supposes to own many more specs in between.

Let’s look at the criteria for the best scope for Ruger Gunsite Scout and what we have on the market.

What You Want in A Good Rifle Scope

Shopping for a scope can be daunting if you don’t know which factors to look at, no matter how much money you have.

Scout rifles with the forward mounted rail is a several inches away from your eyes. This long eye relief brings some issues of parallax and positioning.

That makes manufacture for a Scout scope different from a traditional bridge style scope.

So, picking a rifle scope, we hope you already know the certain features like magnification, weight, length, objectives lens diameter and price.

For a Ruger Scout scope, we would like to discuss more other factors.


We prefer using the low power scopes because they do basically 90% of what we need in the field and they are compact in size.

Small size turns out to be critical because when mounted, it is not going to touch the clearance in the front objective.

Typically, a classic hunting rifle scope is 3 to 5 power with a 40mm from objective which is not going to fit in the Ruger configuration.

There are a couple of easy options to mount. One would do to pull the rail off, the other would be getting high rings, but we like neither of them. We’d rather get a low power scope.

Any scope with a front objective with an outer diameter larger than 1.6” will not go well with the Ruger Scout.

Eye Relief

The forward eye relief is a part of Scout rifle concept. It is a light carbine that has a hard hitting round, detachable box magazine for eye release scope because they are supposed to be instinctual for shooting.


In a Ruger Scout, you are limited to a lower magnification, probably somewhere over 200 yards and not beyond 300 yards.

If you’re going to keep your shots close in, we don’t think you need a whole lot of magnification for shots that far out.

And the problem with shots further than that with the Scout is that the ballistics on the bullets is coming out makes you drop fast with any shot longer than 250 yards.

What you need are some ways to hold over and the scope that is not geared toward accurate holdover.


Another benefit of the forward eye relief scope is that you can more access to the receiver area as compared to the traditional scope.

One of the concepts with the Scout rifle is backup iron sights. Ruger supplies front and rear sight. So, if you were to get a quick detach rings for your Scout scope, but the scope tended to fail, you could take it off but still iron sights

How to Use A Ruger Gunsite Scout Scope

We took the Ruger m77 bolt action to this tutorial with the Burris 200261 Ballistic Plex 2-7x32mm. You can apply the easy steps to your own properties in the same manner.

Make sure you unloaded the gun and took off the bolt.

You will need a vise to hold the gun securely and some screwdrivers.

First, install the rings with the short one goes in the front and the taller goes on the rear.

If you’re mounting a scope with a front objective up to 32 mm, you will use one low ring and one medium ring.

Once you’re done attaching the rings with the receivers, remove the top half of the rings and align the scope in position and screw in again.

With the Ruger, you want to mount the scope as far forward as possible but still get a clear picture each time you bring the gun to your shoulder.

You shouldn’t have to pull your head back or stretch your neck forward to get a clear vision.

Time to turn each screw of the top half a little at a time until all screws are just snug. Don’t over tighten the screws or it will crush the scope tube.

The 3 Best Scope for Ruger Gunsite Scout Reviews

We’ve come to the best part.

In this section, we brought 3 items we have tried on the field.

This Burris scope has a 2 to 7 power that configured at the 32mm size. In fact, it is light at 14 ounces along with the mount.

On the field, we rigged this Burris scope to the M1A rifle from Springfield Armory and got zero malfunction. It allows the extreme low mounting system to have a really natural cheek weld on the rifle which is not always the case with some of the other Scout optics.

The big advantages to this particular configuration are the lightweight and quality glass from one of the best factories that use only premium material.

The eye relief on this scope is designed long to fit the rifle specifically. It has the ballistics plex reticle that got our eyes on it.

The adjustments on the back are stiff. For a few hunting type optics, you don’t want to throw it super fast. So, it prevents from getting bumped out of place.

The adjustment knobs are the quarter MOA knobs. It can move approximately a quarter of an inch at 100 yards when you’re zeroing it in.


  • Resist water, fog, and shock
  • Stiff low profile doesn’t move under recoil
  • Ideal for a designated marksman
  • Comfortable eye relief


  • Have no focus and illumination
  • Not effective for hunting at night
  • Weight out front

This optics is the cheapest guy in the crossfire series. It features a fixed parallax at 100 yards. It is designed for hunting at medium and close range.

For the eye relief, you’ll be satisfied with the very long range at 3.9 inches ideal for any hunting job you want to assign to the rifle.

With magnification change, the scale of radical standard remains the same which is a feature describes the second focal plane. The reticle optical extends the same size no matter how magnification changes.

We previously mentioned the scope is designed for hunting because it holds BDC reticle specified for shooting different distances.


  • Three harsh drop marks in the BDC
  • Compromise for accuracy and thickness for use in low light
  • Allow forward mounting


  • No illumination control system
  • Made in China

We have assembled the scope on a 308 Caliber Scout with the provided rings, though we will order a set of quick-detach rings soon. Anyhow, the rings are a see-through style which can be used on a Rimfire if you have one.

First of all, the long eye relief system allows both eyes open. That is probably what you long for from a Scout scope since the oversized objective lens lets light pass and gathers a great amount of it to function even in low-light condition.

However, the scope in our feelings is a bit rough in term of adjustment. Each click windage or elevation equates to a half an inch at 100 yards. So, it is a half MOA per click. Therefore, it gives you a little bit more fine tuning to get your shots on targets.

The good thing is the scope has a mil-dot reticle gives you a bit more flexibility to range targets and play with bullet drop. It got up to 7 times magnification for dialing has made sure the scope will be intact when you need.


  • An inexpensive scope
  • Built for durability
  • Perform well in holding a zero


  • Chinese made Scout scope
  • Need to buy separated rings

You Best Ruger Gunsite Scout Scope is?

We guess we have made it clear enough to aid you to shop for the best Scout scope you’re looking for.

However, we still want to shout out the scope that favors us in most case. It is the Burris Ballistic Plex because we love to have it on our M1A and we don’t recall any issue on the field.

You can sit down and think about the best scope for Ruger Gunsite Scout you can get from this list. We wish you luck taking advantage of them.

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