What is The Best Hunting Rifle Slings 2022? – List And Buying Review

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Hunting is not as easy as you may expect. And you need a sturdy, durable, and appropriate rifle sling to hand your gun all day long to your left/right shoulder.

Whether you are shooting in a competition or planning a short overnight trip in the woods, it is vital to support your rifle with the best hunting rifle slings.

How to Use A Rifle Sling?

According to experienced shooters, rifle slings could help protect a lot of critters. But only when it is used correctly.

When you misuse your sling, your rifle might be placed far enough to reach and kill old animals.

In the worst case, it even can cost you your life in unpredictable situations on the hunting grounds. So, how to use your rifle properly to support your shooting?

Rule of Thumb: Upside down carry. Put one hand on your hunting rifle and control it consistently.

What Are The Benefits of a Sling Over a Strap?

A sling is a hunting accessory specifically designed to support your rifles’ weight, retain them, and sometimes precisely aim and fire the bullet.  A sling offers a comfortable contact point between your body and the weapons.

When you wrap the sling around your body, it keeps the weapon placed in an easy-to-operate manner. With a sling, shooters can fire the weapon while slinging it.

Things You Must Ponder Before Purchasing A Hunting Rifle Sling?

Like buying any other shooting accessories, hunting rifle sling buyers also have a lot of factors to consider.

Length of Your Sling

Ideally, how long should your sling be? Actually, it all comes down to your personal preference. The length below is my own choice, so consider it as a suggestion. Always, use the measurements that you find comfortable.

If you plan to use a sling for hunting rifles, it seems that the suitable lengths are 36 inches and 45 inches.


Not all manufacturers use the highest-quality material to make their slings. But your final rifle sling choice will accompany you in any shooting situations; it should be durable and rugged.

Note that the sling built with top-class material can be used in severe weather conditions.


Regardless of the material and length, the major mission of any rifle sling is giving shooters the comfort while they are on their hunting spree.

Not only does it reduce the pressure on your shoulder, but it also maintains the right balance while you are moving. To make it happen, it should have wide webbing and be 2 or 3 inches at thickness.


Easy to adjust with multiple sizes is a feature to expect at the best hunting rifle slings. Adjustability means that the sling can fit multiple body sizes. The more it can fit, the better.

When Should You Use A Rifle Sling?

As you might know, it is extremely difficult to keep the muzzle in the right direction. Only when both of your hands are not free, or you do not plan to shoot anything should you sling your rifle.

The rest of your big hunting game, keep the rifle sling in your pocket and stay alert to shoot.

Top 3 Best Hunting Rifle Slings Reviews

Have a glance at our comparison table first to have an overview of the best hunting rifle slings.


  • Quality certified for maximum durability and versatility;
  • 2 color options available: Realtree AP camo and black;
  • Able to hold up to 5 rifles at the same time;
  • Detachable sling point makes it easier to access;
  • Optimal comfort even when you carry heavy guns all day long;


  • Rifle regularly moves due to the webbing’s loose end;
  • Mounts cannot be used with all kinds of rifles.

Why is this heavy-duty neoprene gun sling the best hunting rifle slings? Just because it is a product by Allen Company – an American company with almost 50-year experience in providing the best hunting accessories.

Still not convinced?

Let’s s see how water-resistant and comfortable the Allen Cascade Neoprene Gun Sling is! The neoprene material gives it maximum durability.

Additionally, the five loops in this weapon allow it to carry up to five rifles at the same time.

The rugged and tough spandex binding makes the Cascade Neoprene Gun Sling a versatile model for both petit to wider firearms.

This long-lasting stretchable neoprene padding even goes hand in hand with swivels tested to carry up to 300 pounds.


  • Made in the USA;
  • A quick adjustment with just one hand;
  • Lightweight and extremely comfortable;
  • Tough and durable with excellent performance;


  • Even after completely extending the sling to its largest size, it is not as long as you might expect;
  • In some case (when you have to carry several rifles, for example), you have trouble adjusting.

The rifle sling by S2Delta has long been popular amongst shooters for the sufficient comfort it offers.

Incredibly lightweight sling aside, this unit also comes with the adjustable 2” Mil-Spec webbing. It facilitates the contact between your shoulder and your heavy rifle.

Not only famous with the durability, S2Delta even makes the main sling universal. Users can use it on various guns after detaching it from modular connectors without any difficulty.

If you have to carry a heavy gun around, it is really handy. It reduces the strain placed on your shoulder.

Moreover, the manufacturers use the best components available to make this 2" shoulder strap another attractive feature.

The S2Delta - the USA Made Premium 2 Point Rifle Sling is truly an ultimate model in terms of flexibility and comfort. That’s why it deserves a spot on our list of the best hunting rifle slings!


  • An ideal choice for shotguns, rifles, and crossbows;
  • A lot of color options available;
  • Durable and good for long-term use;
  • Flexible materials for daily uses;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Easy to adjust from 33" to 44";
  • Reliable construction;


  • The design is not really comfortable;
  • Small clips are difficult to adjust;
  • Hard to carry large rifles;
  • Not compatible with the standard QD sling mounts.

The Ten Point Gear Gun Sling Paracord 550 possesses a lot of fascinating features to make your hunting games more thrilling. What really draws users’ attention is the easy-to-tweak and easy-to-adjust swivels.

If you want to carry various kinds of survival gear around, the easy-to-adjust feature makes you worry-free.

The biggest problem, though, is the length restrictions (from 33" to 44"), which reduces its versatility compared to other models. It is only good at carrying smaller rifles.


#1. Who Makes The Best Hunting Rifle Slings?

As we all know, there are a handful of companies manufacturing high-quality shooting sports accessories for many years. Among them, Allen Company is the best one for me.

Whether you are a professional or a newbie, this American hunting-product-making leading manufacturer has something exceptional to offer.

#2. Which Is The Best Rifle Sling Types To Choose?

There are there sling variations used on a long gun.

Single Point: keeps your body and the weapon attached at only one point. It lets hunters grip their weapons from their resting position with ease.

Two-Point: attaches your body to your rifles at two points. With its quick and easy adjustments, this is the most common style sling.

Three-Point: attaches your body and your guns at three different points. If you choose this style, your carbine is securely and tightly attached to your body.

So, Which Is The Best Hunting Rifle Slings?

Among the three products mentioned above, my best hunting rifle slings is the Allen Cascade Neoprene Gun Sling.

All of its features are crucial and irreplaceable. They make this rifle sling by Allen reliable enough to use in any hunting situations.

Whether you are a novice or a professional shooter, the Allen Cascade Neoprene Gun Sling is a good investment.

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