The Best EOTech Clones – Would Your Money Go Wrong?

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EOTech itself is famous for reliability, durability and the capability of being a combat sight. The knockoffs imitate the features, but they are confident with the quality. So, if you want an EOTech sight without paying an EOTech price, advance to our best EOTech Clone reviews. Quick Answer: Top 3 Best EOTech Clones and Alternatives1. Dagger Defense DDHB…

EOTech itself is famous for reliability, durability and the capability of being a combat sight.

The knockoffs imitate the features, but they are confident with the quality.

So, if you want an EOTech sight without paying an EOTech price, advance to our best EOTech Clone reviews.

Quick Answer: Top 3 Best EOTech Clones and Alternatives

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Red Dot vs. Holographic

A red dot utilizes LED to project in the reticle. If you combine with a magnifier, the dot will become larger causing you a hard time target.

EOTech clones make use of LED to cut the cost, but shooters don’t use it in combination. As a standalone site, it already gives the right aim. In some cases, an EOTech knockoff can be used as a secondary optic.

A holographic site provides depth perception to improve your targeting through a rectangle window. You will get better performance in shooting.

But note that the clones on this list are not holographic sites. But you can expect the reflex sights to provide precise target acquisition across longer distances.

The latest technology on LED should give a closer enhancement to the lasers on these budget models.

EOTech Clones Buying Guide

Just so you know. Cheap doesn’t have to come with low quality if you understand what you will get from an EOTech clone.

Check out the merit before you add a sight to cart.


On high a caliber firearm, you want something light and compact. In this case, aluminum and magnesium alloy are around the best option on the sight’s housing.

They optimize the strength while remaining non-abusive physically and chemically.

You may see they cut down weight with the fiber graphite but don’t go for it because it doesn’t give enough strength to absorb the high recoil. Worse, it can break in front of you.


The primary power source of most EOTech clones come from cell to run the LED illumination. That means you save a lot of power consumed for lasers.

A decent battery gives you a lifetime of a few hundred hours. But there can be up to 1,000 hours, on the Sightmark M-Spec for example.

Window Aperture

For the best field of view, you need a square window to target acquisition quickly.

In the high grain retreated glass, you can benefit from its apparent view that has reduced the glare to shut your eyes.

Brightness Adjustment

It makes no sense to purchase an EOTech clone with nonadjustable brightness settings. The tactical sights require the modification in both daylight condition and night-vision.


EOTech knockoffs are the simple red dot versions of the original holographic sights. You can take a lot of advantages from the reflex sights where multiple reticle options can be revolved.


People may not pay much care to this feature, but for tactical weapons, conditional proofing can get you through the day.

While the sights are electronic heavy, water-resistance should be a must to protect the internal components. You may want it to be able to submerge into the water a few feet at least. That ensures your site can handle shower.

Shockproof is also required for high caliber guns that produce a great deal of recoil. You should be fine if your EOTech knockoff can absorb the shock and keep on functioning properly.

Mounting Option

Many optics offer more than one method to mount with different bases. Imagine you want to mount the sight on two firearms, you will want to buy an additional adapter. However, it will add weight, height, and money.

So, consider your rail system before you choose the clone.

Best EOTech Clone Sights Reviews

Now, this rugged EOTech replica takes the business seriously. It features both green and red dot reflex sight. Note that this is not an EOTech holo optic.

The badass little sight is advertised to be waterproof and shockproof, and that’s been proven through our tests.

It scored at first glance with the reflective front glass. On the front-rear, you can find four different reticles to choose from. You’ve got the first dot, the EOTech pattern, crosshair, and the BDC.

This reticle dial decides the color of your reticle powered by CR2032 battery with a decent lifespan.

It comes with a large lens of 33mm brings up a clear view downfield. The feel on the aircraft aluminum is amazing; it doesn’t feel cheap at all.

We came down under Florida sun and got amazed by how the brightness adjusts. It ranges from dim to bright to rival every condition.

For co-witness in BUIS, we took it to the 50 yards and it worked like a charm.

Probably Dagger is trying to make it right for such a budget sight to fit our criteria for the best CQB optic.


  • Gives green and red reticles
  • Super reasonably priced
  • Sturdy build
  • Sleek finish


  • Zero can slip (due to loosened wrench)
  • Some report on blurry vision

This is the newest in the FastFire line form Burris. We call it an MRD that stands a little tiny guy on our hand.

Burris has made this sight multi-faceted. It comes with or without a mount because Burris makes the optic compatible to both Picatinny and SpeedBead mount.

That brings up the versatility of this site to be a secondary mount. By that, we mean when you’re shooting with your primary magnified optic, it has eye-relief while the Burris has 1x magnify.

So, when you get in an awkward position where you can’t shoulder and get the proper eye-relief, pivot the side, you will have a perfect line of sight through the reflex sight.

Some of the improvements from the earlier FastFire models are the on/off switch on the side.

The coolest thing about it is the top battery compartment. Many red dots have this part located in the bottom where you have to take the sight off, change the battery, put it back on, and resight.

Burris FastFire III has a top mounted battery compartment, so you don’t have to bother taking the sight off.

The site also comes with a sunshade you can stack on top. If you’ve ever shot during the day, you won’t get burnt out in the daylight; you will never lose sight of that dot.

You have two selections of reticles — one with the 3.5 MOA dot reticle or an 8 MOA one.


  • Compact to use as a secondary optic
  • Brightness can be automatic or manual
  • Can access battery from the top


  • It may not hold zero on the AR15
  • Can be hard to mount

The first thing we want to start off with is the quick detach levers. It will come right off on step one.

Along with the quick detach, the digital switches which give you the ability to modify six different settings of brightness during the day, and six at night.

We found the QD can be actually pretty effective if we had to tighten the screw about two turns. But once we got that done, things went splendidly.

The housing is made of magnesium alloy for lighter and much stronger. The upgrade also comes with the new battery which allows 1,000 hours of run time at once.

You don’t have to re-zero with one reticle option. We had co-witnessed it with our iron sights zeroed in and was on target.

It has 65 minutes of the angled outer ring with a 2 minute of angle centered dot. This mix allows you to get both the quick acquisition of that larger outside ring and the ability to make those precise shots a distance should you need to.

The Allen wrench in the box lets you adjust the windage and elevation.

This device features a protective hood that shields it from an impact. A shockproof frame can handle up to 50 caliber recoil.

The optic is water resistance to about 40 feet which is more than adequate for your average end-user since most of us are not high-speed ninjas or scuba diver through a lake.


  • Easy to use with intuitive button
  • Fully waterproofing
  • Parallax corrected
  • One excellent reticle red dot


  • The finish gets easily scratched
  • Not easy to zero
  • A bit pricey

Has Your Cart Filled?

There can be no definitive best option for an EOTech clone, but the ones we suggested are ways to go.

We really tried to sort out the categories where you can choose your very right optic. The cheapest one should be the Dagger Defense, the most precise one is of Burris FastFire III, or the toughest guy is from Sightmark.

After all, these sights come with price that won’t bite your wallet, and all are worth a try.

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