Top Best Case Prep Centers that You Desire in 2022

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Firing a gun is a lot of fun, but this isn’t true with preparing rifle brass.

It involves prepping, cleaning, sizing, and trimming, which may be boring and time-consuming.

With the advent of the case prep center, everything has become a piece of cake. The days of sticks and rocks have gone.  

A good prep center helps to shorten the case preparation process while saving you some time to enjoy other things.

Have you ever used a case prep center before?

Are you looking for the best case prep center on the market?

If both answers are yes, why not read out our buying guide below?

We’ve compiled a list of top 5 products that you can consider purchasing.

Why Do You Need to Prepare The Case? 

Case preparation aims at making your brass ready for reloading

It is of great importance if you want to make use of rifle rounds.

If your rifle brass is well prepared:

  • It will stand ready for reloading. In other words, it is properly cleaned, sized, lubricated to prepare for next reloads
  • You can count on bullets to be safe to shoot. A reliable bullet tends to consistently chamber without any signs of negative pressure. 
  • The accuracy of bullets will be high enough to ensure consistent shot placement.

How to Choose the Right Case Prep Center? 

Low price is by no means equal to high quality.

Case prep centers are no exceptions. Don’t hesitate to spend a sum of money on a quality product to pursue your hobby of gun shooting

There are some factors to bear in mind when choosing the case prep center.

Attachments and tools

You can find all types of tools and attachments in the package of prep centers. The more you can get, the better the product is.

However, there are several tools that you won’t even use. Therefore, find one with enough additional tools will make more sense.


There are two major types of centers: electric and manual.

The former is made up by electric motorized machines while the latter requires human power to operate with the help of a hand-held crank.

Depending on the number of cases you want to produce, each type will come in handy. If that figure is large, then an electric case will suit you better.


The power of a prep center determines its efficiency. If the center isn’t powerful enough, it will become useless. Thus, remember to choose the one with a high torque motor.   


A cumbersome center will be difficult to carry around. A medium-sized center is highly recommended for domestic use.

Top 5 Best Case Prep Centers 

As a moderately priced option, this case prep center provided by RCBS won’t let you down.

Built from quality materials, it is designed to help you lead an easy life.

The five heads allow for rotation, which can be gear propelled to promise optimum results.

This RCBS prep center enables users to trim cases at desirable lengths without producing some noise like other models.

It is compatible with .50 Beowulf cases and diverse military shells.

The high quality and efficiency of the product don’t lie only in the center itself, but also the accessories that come along.

A dry case neck lube and compact primer pocket brushes are enclosed in the package. You can use such small and medium brushes to facilitate trimming and brass preparation.

Besides, there are chamfering and deburring tools as well as stationary positions at your fingertips.

While the stationary positions maintain case neck brushes in a solid place, a cupped area holds neck lube still.


  • Compact design convenient for use
  • Sturdy materials
  • Allow case prep and trimming at the same time
  • Wonderful attachments


  • Crimping tools are unavailable

Ranked among the most versatile models, this Lyman case prep center is equipped with necessary tools to facilitate case prepping.

It is powered by a high but quiet torque motor, ensuring to bring out the best efficiency.

There is a world of extra tools, including outside and inside debar tool, primer pocket uniformer and cleaners, as well as reamers. Thus, you don’t need to purchase each tool separately.

The primer pocket uniformer serves to adjust primer depth for better precision. Especially, the tool has a pre-set stop collar for SAMMI specs.

In addition, the cleaner proves helpful in removing primer pocket fouling while metal edges and military crimps are no problems to the reamers.

The outside chamfer acts as a remover of extra brass from cases, resulting in a smooth surface.

The Lyman has a VLD chamfer to eliminate bullet damage caused by the sharp edge of a cartridge. With a 45-degree reamer, such chamfer can cut the VLD bullet long tail.

The reamer is set at a 22-degree angle so that bullets will easily slip in.


  • Brilliant craftsmanship
  • Easy maintenance
  • High speed
  • Perform multiple functions at once
  • Tool heads enclosed


  • A large number of features may confuse common users
  • Create annoying noise while operating

If a power case trimmer isn’t really necessary for you, this Hornady’s Lock-N-Load Case Prep trio is a must-have item.

It boasts sturdiness thanks to the small footprint, high-quality aluminum, and compact design. This means it can stand the test of time.  

There are 3 active stations, including chamfering, deburring, and cleaning. Therefore, you can conduct 3 functions all at once without having to change any tool.

With onboard storage, you are able to keep extra case prep accessories such as pocket cleaners and pocket reamers and find them easily when necessary.

The product comes with both inside and outside chamfer tools besides deburrs.

This Hornady is compatible with various types of guns. The outside chamfer tool serves to work on long rifles.

Because of its slow spinning speed, it makes a good choice for breaking trimmed sharp edges, brass prepping, removing crimps, and so on.


  • Works on 110V and 220V
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to use
  • Storage space available onboard to keep accessories


  • Noisy
  • There are only 2 attachments, which may not be enough for long-term use

Compared with a typical case prep center, this product from Hornady is larger in size.

There is a micro trimmer to increase consistency and accuracy. You can adjust it to your liking, up to .001 inches.

The prep center is powered by a motor that can handle heavy duty work. The motor is sealed in a durable casing to minimize damages.

With the Lock-N-Load, you can organize tools such as deburr and chamfer on the panel. Once you finish, the grip handle serves to hold the Lock-N-Load for leverage.  

The product’s trays supply abundant space for shavings. Besides, they are removable so you can take them out and put them back easily.


  • Ideal for heavy-duty reloading
  • A variety of tools included
  • Suitable for trimming diverse cases between 22 and 7mm caliber
  • Easy use thanks to A grip handle


  • Primer pocket tools are not included in the package
  • No flash hole deburring tool

The product of Frankford Arsenal is made of high-grade steel and aluminum, promising to last for a very long time.

It does an excellent job in trimming brass, which will surely live up to customers’ expectations.

Its cutting tools are sharp enough to work perfectly in several rounds while enabling you to choose the desirable length.

Besides the cutting tools, 3 other tools can be used at the same time to boost productivity.

There are 3 output shafts compatible with all accessories with 8-32 threads.

A VLD inside chamfering tool is also available to facilitate loading and prevent damaging bullets. This makes a striking feature that you should take into account.

Primer pocket cleaning tools of small and large sizes are included in case you want.

A storage container is designed to be built-in, which is compact and convenient to hold extra tools or bushings.  


  • Adjustable collet
  • Unnecessary shell holders
  • Durable cutters
  • High speed and precision
  • Versatility


  • Not really good handling
  • Manuals should be included for beginners

Which One Do You Prefer? 

The best case prep center will help you finish brass prepping in a short time.

Each type is equipped with different features to cater to diverse requirements.

You may end up choosing the one with too many functions than your actual needs or the one that cannot do what you want.

Therefore, it’s important to consider carefully before making the final choice.

If you just need one for household use, we highly suggest Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Trim and Prep System for its durability, efficiency, and affordable price.

Share your experience with us below.

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